An Episodic Cyberpunk Adventure


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  V.Next will be released on Steam. Thank you for supporting us on Greenlight.


V.Next is a retro 2D game combining adventure, stealth, and puzzles, to be released in multiple chapters.

In V.Next, you are Vivienne Denue, a skilled computer hacker loose on the streets of a darkly futuristic Seattle. Take revenge on corrupt corporations and fight for the underclass by manipulating circuitry, coding up new infiltration software, hacking servers, and sneaking past surveillance systems. You'll collude with Artificial Intelligence and rip through the city on your tricked out Cafe Racer, all before recharging the batteries on your Cyberspace Deck.

With a gritty pixel-art visual style, V.Next puts the player in the boots of a hacker of both hardware and software, with the opportunity to craft code and solder new circuit boards. Harkening back to the written works of William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and Bruce Sterling, with visual references to Blade Runner, Max Headroom, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and The Matrix, and an original soundtrack by musician Tom Shear of electronic band Assemblage 23, V.Next is a thrilling tale of electronic warfare, discovery, justice, and adventure that brings the best of 1990's cyberpunk to modern screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Episodic?
I hear in your day, they had these things called "television shows". V.Next will be like that. You'll get a pilot episode at launch, with more episodes of new story, characters, and hacking to come later on. Personally, I can't wait to log in!
How many episodes will there be?
Someone is pretty nosey, ay? We're still figuring out what the First Season of V.Next will look like, but don't fret, sunshine. As soon as we know, you'll know too, kiddo.
What do I do between episodes?
I wouldn't want to sit around waiting, so we're working on things to do between downloads. I'm coding up something called "procedurally generated missions", which means there will be a variety of things to do while you're waiting for the next set of files. Have you played FTL or Spelunky? I love those games. It'll be like that, only in cyberspace.
How much will V.Next cost?
Oh, looking for a good deal, ay? I know just the fence to get you going. We'll make sure you get Episode 1 for a nice low price. We're not going to jack you on microtransactions, but we're still figuring out how many swipes of your Credit-Stick additional episodes will cost.
What is the gameplay like?
Have you ever heard of Pong? Ha, that dinosaur predates even a crusty old grunt like me! This is a retro 2D experience, though. You'll explore our version of Seattle in rainy 2037, and I hope you're light on your feet, because you'll probably spend a lot of time slinking around the shadows as you access some hardware to hack. Put on your leathers and wear your Expanda-Helmet before you rev up your motorcycle to get from place to place, traveling to Data Centers and Office Spaces to infiltrate. I'll teach you how to solder circuitboards and code up intrusion software, so don't fret about that, squeakypants. Just bring along your mouse and keyboard, because you'll need those to get the job done. You know what games I did play? Gunpoint, This War of Mine, Papers Please, Shadowrun Returns, Transistor... man, those bring back memories. But I relive them every day in this world, and so can you.
For what platforms will V.Next be released?
I've done some high-tech hacks on some low-tech systems, but as long as you're running a Windows/PC or OSX/Mac, you'll be cracking through firewalls in no time. I'm looking to patch the code to run on iOS/iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire systems at some point, but that will probably happen a little later on. Console jockeys, sorry, but you're out of the running for the near future.
Will V.Next be available on Steam?
Steam is the place to be, and it turns out we've already hacked their Greenlight servers. You can expect a link to our Steam page as soon as we're ready to release.
When will V.Next be released?
I'm as eager to start as you are! With all the coding I have to do, plus planning for our data-runs, we're currently aiming for end-of-year 2015. I'll keep you posted as we get closer to launch.
V.Next is the first title from SyncBuildRun, a leading innovator in Episodic Interactive Entertainment. For Media and Press inquiries, please email us for more information.